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What is an Open-Sided Carport?


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An open concept carport is one that is devoid of walls, making entering and exiting your vehicle easier. Carports with just supports and roofs are more affordable and are an excellent way to protect your car from the outdoor elements. Many homeowners opt for this type of carport if they have less room to work with in their driveways. Others decide to use them to keep their car from environmental factors like wind-blown debris, weather, sapping trees, and animal droppings. These structures are an excellent way to add value to your property and will withstand the test of time.

Open-sided carports are great in Austin's residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They help apartment complex residents feel safer and can act as a starting structure for things like solar panels and lighting. We welcome any and all questions regarding open-sided carports or read more below.

Installing a Carport

Benefits of Open-Sided and Double Carports

Do You Need a Carport in Austin, TX?

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Whether you go with an open-sided carport or double carport style, both options are available for customizing. You can work with our design team to create a structure that blends well with your home's exterior. Choose colors that compliment your style and a design that works for your lifestyle. Some homeowners like a one-sided look that provides just enough protection for their vehicle. Others want larger structures that they can potentially add to at a later time. We will help you think through what you need now and what you might need further into the future.

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Many Purposes


Did you know that your carport will be used for a variety of reasons? Sure, on a daily basis you'll use it to shade your car. However, on the weekends, your carport can play host to outdoor poker night, a birthday party, or provide the perfect retreat during a garage sale. This is why carports offer tremendous value to our clients. Not only will they benefit from the protection of weather and heat, but it will also become a place for people to gather. This multi-purpose space now adds far more value to your life, right?




If you have ever explored building a fully enclosed carport or garage, chances are the price point gave you sticker shock. These structures are not cheap, which makes carports even more attractive. You'll spend a fraction of the price on your carport. In fact, says the average cost of a single car carport is $2600. Compare that to the starting average cost of a single car garage, of $7500. Carports retain over 70% of their value as well.

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Carports at Different Types of Properties


Do you need a carport at your business?

What kind of carport can we install for you?

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We can create various carport options for homeowners in Austin. Our most simple structures are open-sides and a durable roofline that offers superior protection against weather and debris. We can also customize your carport, so it aesthetically mimics or blends to the style of your home. We also encourage our clients to think about how they want to use the structure beyond parking under it. Will you be able to use your carport for other things like storage, gatherings, or a base for future solar panels.

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Apartment complexes and condo residences are prime properties that benefit from carports. We see many multi-plex properties make investments in carports, so their residents are happier and feel safer. These structures offer residents peace of mind in protecting their asset(s.) Further, when additional lighting is added, residents feel safe walking to and from their units. Other properties are choosing to add carports so they are a base structure for solar panels. If your property wants to do this, we can work with your solar installer to build these structures to spec.

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Your customers are everything, without them, your business would struggle. By adding carports to park under when they come to visit your shop, office, or restaurant; they will feel good about your business. We can build specific structures that compliment your business property and add value to the look and feel of your business. We also work with industrial properties that might need to add carports for their equipment and company vehicles. Send us a message today and let us know how we can support your business with a carport project.


Our staff is standing by to take your call and listen to how we can help. Call or email today to get your open-sided carport started.

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Who Are We?



Learn more about our process

Curious about our install process of a double carport in Austin? The process is simple and takes less time then you might think.

Your first step is to contact us and explain what kind of project you're seeking to do. We will ask you questions and try to get additional details that will help us get you a quote and plan your project. For simple projects, we might be able to quote you right over the phone. For more customized carports, we may need to visit you at home to take measurements and work through logistics. From there, you will get your quote, and we will start planning your materials and design. After we wrap that process, we will schedule your install date. Some carports can be done in a day, while others may take longer if they are more complicated. We invite you to gives us a call so we can talk through all the possibilities.

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