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    Carport Materials & Types

    Austin, Texas

    Carport Materials


    All of the information you need in one place!

    Don’t stress about all of the details because we aren’t going to leave you to think through them on your own! Our team is composed of trained experts that are here to help make your life a little less hectic. We will make educated suggestions based on the area and surroundings property for the best materials for your carport. Some of the materials we will work through with you include:

    • Steel: this is a popular choice for many of our clients because steel is flexible, has high durability qualities, and is known to be long-lasting.
    • Oak: this material provides many of our residential clients with a rustic look that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    • Polycarbonate: this is a durable thermoplastic material that is lightweight and is perfect for Austin summers because it will not be damaged under extreme UV-ray exposure.
    • Plastic: This material offers its benefits in the form of monetary gains for our clients! This type of material is an affordable option for those of our clients who are on a strict budget.
    • Aluminum: Considered to be the most environmentally friendly choice of all of the metals, it can reflect sunlight, making it a fantastic option for the Austin weather.

    Austin, Texas

    Types of Carports


    What style best fits you?

    Different types of carports available will suit all of our client's needs. We offer the following styles of carports for our clients:

    • RV Carports: these carports protect your RV from inclement weather, UV-rays, and other potential issues.
    • Portable Carports: our designs protect vehicles from changing weather, including rain, heat, hailstones, and more. Our installations are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different car types. If you’re looking for a variety of options with your carport, simply call now.
    • Enclosed Carports: this is a great option for vehicles and machinery that needs to be protected from water and sunlight at all times when they are not in use. The type of shade and protection an enclosed carport offers cannot be copied!
    • Arrow Carports: if you’re looking for a metal carport that has been tested to stand up against rain and snow, this is the design you’re looking for! With incredible strength and durability, arrow carports have become increasingly popular.
    • Solar Carports: minimize your energy expenses, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your property’s ability to adapt, and more! Solar carports are the future.

    Austin, Texas, Carport Builders

    What are the benefits of Carports?


    Now you know about the different material options, the endless possible designs, and the opportunities all of this creates once they’re put together, but what are the benefits of just having a carport?

    Weather Protection

    Weather Protection


    Keep your vehicle and machinery away from the natural elements of mother earth. Keep cars safe year-round from the harsh sun and heavy rain. Whether you’re looking for a fully enclosed carport or a simple roof type of design, your belongings will be safe and protected.

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    Burglar Protection


    Have you ever heard or even experienced vandalism? It can be an invasive and scary experience when someone touches your car or belongings without permission. A carport can help deter such attacks because individuals are much more drawn to vehicles and items closer to the street that lacks protection because they’re easier to see and easier to run away from. Carports create incredible safety opportunities.

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    Additional Space


    Our carport installations are not always used for additional vehicle storage! Sometimes our clients want more space for their machinery, boats, and/or lawn equipment. Our designs make all of these scenarios possible. Our carport designers and installers have been able to accommodate all of our client’s needs when installing new carports on their property.

    carport garage

    Increase Organization


    Adding a carport allows you and your family to add storage space and increase the overall square footage of your home. Use the space created by the carport as a shed, a workspace, a play area for children, a place to gather for friends and family, and more. There are other, nonconventional ways, to use a carport.

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    Increase Property Value


    If you ever want to sell your home, not having a garage can be a big letdown to prospective buyers; however, with a carport installed you can raise your property value and ensure a larger pool of interested buyers is possible. This is an attractive boost to many prospects because everyone owns a vehicle, and everyone wants to protect that vehicle from the possible damages that it can face.

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    You don’t have to undergo a large construction job on your home! Adding a carport is a great opportunity to have all of the benefits of a garage on your home without having to reconstruct the infrastructure of the surrounding parts of your home. Plus, you can design the carport to fit your needs! You can choose and design the entire installation.

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    Carport Ideas


    Our professional team has over 30-years of hands-on experience and is more than qualified to help design, advise, and install any new carport on your property. Our professionals keep up to date with new technology and techniques to ensure you are receiving the best service in the Austin area. As a professional team, we work quickly and easily together providing new ideas for colors, designs, and materials.

    portable carport

    Carport Tents


    These guys have a lot to offer some of our clients who travel often or move regularly. This is also a great way to create an enclosure for an extra home vehicle or machinery that just doesn’t fit in the garage. Whatever your use for it is, the benefits include:

    • Portability
    • The simplicity of its design so it can be used anywhere
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Versatile and easy to put together
    2 car carport

    2-Car Carports


    The advantage of a carport for your home or property is that it will automatically increase the value of your home or building. Creating a safe place where vehicles and belongings can be kept without increasing any hassle for potential future buyers is a quick and easy way to get the best return on your investment. Our team can put together a two-car carport for your home! When you double the space under the carport you quickly have more space for belongings, storage, and not just your car.

    metal carports

    Modern Carports


    The modern carport has become incredibly chic over the last 10-years because it gives a sense of advancement, sophistication, and wealth. The design opportunities offered to our installers challenges them to prepare and install new and creative carports that aid the home they are being added too. Typically, modern carports are made of a metal material which is considered to be a long-term economical choice. Modern carports truly add an air of beauty to homes that many other architectural details cannot.

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    This is not a project that should be taken on as a DIY type! Our company has been doing business for over 34-years and has experience, knowledge, and expertise only gained by hands-on experience. When you call us, you are choosing a company that will ensure 100% satisfaction, a team that comes with their equipment and materials, and a team that will work quickly and diligently to finish your project. We offer affordable prices on materials non-business owners would pay a fortune because we love what we do.

    Taking on a carport installation on your means you will pay for any damages caused to your vehicle after you install your carport, equipment, and materials needed to install the carport, and any delayed work can mean extra charges on rented equipment. You will be limited in design and material opportunities along with paying outrageous amounts for basic ones.

    In the end, our team is the best in the business, our track record proves that. Call our customer service team and see for yourself, we make it very easy.

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